Louis Cyr and his time

Continuous presentation

Louis Cyr and his time

Permanent exhibition

Maison Louis-Cyr, being one of the houses that was actually inhabited by Louis Cyr at the time, first of all offers you in its first part a reconstruction of the house of the man of many talents.

In this section, be ready to discover different aspects of his daily life, in addition to contemplating several artefacts that truly belonged to him. Walk freely around the authentic home of the strongest man in the world. The musical part of his life, his important diet and obviously his impressive strength are waiting for you! Live the experience as if you had stepped back in time, discover different aspects of Louis Cyr’s private life and see the extent of his wealth thanks to the restoration of the house.

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Virtual tour

Louis Cyr in the comfort of your home

During this virtual tour, you will be able to walk through the museum with a guide who will give you all the details about Louis Cyr, his exploits, his records, his private life and much more!