Louis Cyr and his feats

Continuous presentation

Louis Cyr and his feats

Main exhibition

Did you know that Louis Cyr ran a circus of 136 people, traveled all over the United States, visited England, and was one of the richest men of his time? These highlights and many more are revealed to you in the permanent exhibition dedicated to his life, his travels and his fabulous exploits.

The second part of the visit will immerse you in a contemporary exhibition where his whole life will be revealed to you. His childhood, his rise, his exploits and his records as well as his life at the circus will hold no secrets for you! This section of the museum has several interactive activities in store for you to learn and entertain you.

No less than three renowned museum firms have worked on the development of the museum’s permanent exhibitions, including two on this last part. The visit of Maison Louis-Cyr is therefore complete, diversified and bouncy.

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Virtual tour

Louis Cyr in the comfort of your home

During this virtual tour, you will be able to walk through the museum with a guide who will give you all the details about Louis Cyr, his exploits, his records, his private life and much more!