Desjardins partenaire de l’exposition de Louis Cyr

Main exposition

from 03 July 2014 to 25 June 2020

For anyone fascinated by history, culture and heritage!

Did you know that Louis Cyr managed a circus of 136 people, travelled throughout the United States, visited England and was one of the richest men of his time? These and many other facts are revealed in the permanent exhibition dedicated to his life, travels and fabulous feats.

The most beautiful part of this historic site is the house itself, which Louis Cyr built and lived in with his family. The New England style home has been completely restored to its original condition and offers the perfect setting to introduce this larger-than-life character. The extension that was destroyed over the years has been rebuilt according to the plans of the time, to accommodate this modern museum.

The permanent exhibition tells Louis Cyr’s story through numerous artifacts, including many of his personal possessions. The exhibition is authentic and down to earth, but also reflects the flamboyant nature of “The Canadian Samson.” He was the greatest of the great, the King of a new-style circus, a hero idolized by millions and one of the richest men of his time.

How do you measure up to the famous colossus?

This new place of discovery offers a redesigned, interactive exhibition that was previously housed in the old Museum. The period setting transports you back to the world of 19th century circuses in all their vivid colours. A special section includes interactive games through which you can measure your own strength and physique against those of Louis Cyr, or test your knowledge about the legendary strongman.

You can visit our main exhibition featuring the world’s strongest man at any time during the Maison Louis-Cyr’s opening hours.

Look at the permanent exhibition’s picture gallery